About us

R&V Technologies Robotics and Vision Technologies


R&VT was created for the investigation and development of New Technologies, such as Artificial Vision, Robotics and Augmented Reality (AR).

A business initiative that emerges from the ambition of a Spanish firm specialized in Robotics and an industrial investor based in Germany, who has a huge experience in the International Market.

The starting point of the company was the result of the HAND MAN project, developed by EDS and which has obtained the support of Institutions such as CDTI and the European Union.

This technology allows the recognition of movements through artificial vision, which makes possible programing complex operations with industrial robots in just few seconds.

R&VT is located inside the Scientific Park of the University Miguel Hernández (Elche), an environment which puts up start-ups interested in investigation, technological development and innovation; with the aim of promoting cooperation between the University and the companies.

What is HAND-MAN?

HAND-MAN is a project that managed to develop innovative technology based on Artificial Vision which, for the first time, is capable of recognizing the three-dimensional trajectories followed by a model in motion to, subsequently, self-program a robot arm that replicates them with high precision, in addition to detect and analyse three-dimensional objects with variable and complex shape.

As a result of our commitment with quality and innovation, the project was financed jointly by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and the European Regional Development Fund, inside their budget for R&D projects.