R&VT is specialised in developing technologies based on Artificial Vision, Augmented Reality and Industrial Robotics, since which we can get new applications and solutions for meeting needs in multiple fields.

We produce innovative technology for introducing it into automatic systems of data gathering, technical assistance and automation for industrial fields.

1. Own technology

Building the Industry 4.0

As a part of the transformation process into Industry 4.0, technologies based on Artificial Vision offer a huge potential for developing advanced solutions for quality controls and automation of productive processes.


  • Use of sensors in the visible spectral range
    • Control of manufactured products
    • Food inspection before sale
    • Packaging and labelling inspections
    • Process’ control and manipulation of cutting tools, paint...
  • Use of sensors in the infrared spectral range
    • Inspection of fruits and vegetables for detection of internal defects
    • Classification of fruits and vegetables by maturity degree
    • Classification of plastics
  • Use of sensors in the ultraviolet spectral range
    • Detection of diseases or pests in food products
  • Use of sensors in the X-ray spectral range
    • Detection of foreign bodies in packaging processes of food products


  • Artificial vision technology to capture spatial movement and 3D image combined with robotics. In this line of R&D, the company develops technology that allows the recognition of movements through artificial vision and three-dimensional elements. From which develops robotic technology for process automation.
  • Combination of artificial vision and Augmented Reality. Under this line of work, innovative technology based on augmented reality is developed in the industrial field that serves as support for complex logistics activities, quality control, assembly and maintenance. Advantages:
    • Information overprint
    • Interactive step by step guide
    • Possibility of adding digital labels and comments on the real model
    • Possibility of validating completed tasks
  • Artificial vision for the 3D image recognition, detection of active materials in fruits and analysis of fruit/vegetable ripening degree. The research carried out in this line of development, is based on artificial vision technology for the recognition of irregular objects, such as fruits and vegetables. Investigating also in the development of revolutionary systems of recognition of phytosanitary ware and the determination of the degree of maturation, plagues, etc. by artificial vision.

2. Peripheral systems

Selling of all kind of artificial vision software and peripherals for robotics.

3. After sale services

Technical support and maintenance of all the applications installed.